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  1. Do I need to be a member of ALA to register for an exhibits-only pass?
    No, you do not need to be a member of ALA in order to register for an exhibits-only pass.
  2. Do I need to be a member of ALA to register for full Annual Conference Registration?
    No, you may register and attend the conference at the non-member rate. To learn more about membership, go to www.ala.org/membership/joinala
  3. Who should attend?
    Librarians, authors,publishers, business professionals, educators and students--anyone who is passionate about books, libraries, and eager to learn and shape the future of the industry.
  4. What forms of payment does the onsite registration desk accept?
    Onsite we accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.
  5. How do I register for a preconference?
    To register for a preconference, you can include it with your initial registration or add it later using the unique link in your email confirmation. If you don't have your registration confirmation handy, you can request a copy by emailing alaregistration@compusystems.com.


  1. What is the dress code for the Annual Conference?
     Business casual
  2. Will there be any form of accommodations for attendees that require accessibility?
     ALA is pleased to offer scooters and/or interpreter services for attendees at Annual Conference. Please visit http://ala14.ala.org/accessibility or contact Alicia Navarro at anavarro@ala.org for details.
  3. Does ALA have a code of conduct for its conferences?
    Yes, a Statement of Appropriate Conduct at ALA Conferences is posted on each of ALA's conference websites.
  4. Do you offer childcare at Annual Conference?
    ALA will reimburse the charges expended on childcare in the amount of $25 per day, per child to a maximum of $50 per day, per family to any fully registered parent for each day of the Annual Conference week, June 26-July1, 2014. You must provide a receipt for childcare.  This covers only childcare in the parent’s hotel room or other residence in the meeting city (Las Vegas) and does not include charges for children’s food and transportation or gratuities and transportation for the sitter. ALA will not reimburse childcare expenses to attendees who live within the Las Vegas  area that would be paid to the regular provider whether the parent was attending the Annual Conference or not. Parents may contact their hotel childcare center/babysitting service where it is available or select one from the phone book. Reimbursement forms are available at the ALA Conference Services Desk and must be signed by the individual performing the childcare services and presented by the parent to the ALA Conference Services Desk by Monday, June 30, 2014. Please note that all reimbursement will be mailed out to the attendee following the conference.
  5. Smoking regulations. There is no smoking permitted in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Smoking is not permitted in restaurants in Las Vegas, but is permitted in casinos, so may be permitted in areas of restaurants or hotels that include casinos.


  1. Can non-committee members attend committee meetings?
    Yes,anyone who is registered for the day of a committee meeting or for the full conference can attend any meeting that is not marked as "closed."
  2. Can non-ALA members attend committee meetings?
    Yes, non-ALA members who are registered for the day of a committee meeting or for the full conference can attend any meeting not marked as "closed."
  3. Can I attend the ALA Awards Ceremonies if I have an Exhibits-Only pass?
    No, only attendees registered for the conference itself can attend the ALA Awards Ceremonies.
  4. How do I create a schedule of events to attend onsite?
    ALA members can log in to the Annual Scheduler to get started adding sessions to their schedule. Non-ALA members need to make sure they have an ALA Connect account they can use with the Annual Scheduler. There are also some help documents for how to use the Scheduler once you're logged in.

In the Exhibits

  1. What is ALA's policy regarding children on the Exhibit Floor?
    Strollers are permitted on the exhibit floor but only if there is a child in them at all times. Unescorted children are not permitted on the exhibit floor. Children under the age of five must be under control at all times(stroller, pack, etc.). Any child over the age of five must have an Exhibits Only badge to be admitted to the exhibit floor. These badges are available at onsite registration for $35. An adult must accompany all children under the age of 16.
  2. What is ALA's policy regarding wheeled devices on the Exhibit Floor?
    Strollers and scooters are permitted on the exhibit floor as long as they are in use at all times.  Wheeled carts, however, are not permitted at any time. If you have a medical condition requiring you to use a cart, please bring a Drs. note to the accessibility booth in the registration area.
  3. Can Exhibits-Only registrants attend author signings?
    Any Exhibits-Only registrant can attend any author signing in the Exhibit Hall on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.


  1. Does ALA provide transportation from the hotels to the convention center?
    Yes, ALA and Gale Cengage Learning provide complimentary shuttle services from the official ALA hotels to the convention center. Dates, times and routes can be found in the Hotels & Travel section.
  2. Is there a Scholarship Bash this year? There is no ALA Scholarship Bash this year as we found that there were too many evening options in Las Vegas to plan a competitive event at a reasonable ticket price for the number of attendees who have been coming to the Bash in recent years. This also reflects the number of informal and other events that conference attendees now choose to attend on Saturday evening, and we encourage attendees to take advantage of the wide variety of options to network and socialize. Thank you for your interest in supporting scholarships; we hope that you will continue to do so by making your tax-deductible gift directly to Spectrum and ALA’s other scholarships by visiting www.ala.org/giveala
  3. Where are the nearby vegetarian restaurants? Refer to this handy guide to vegetarian food on the Las Vegas Strip put together by John DeSantis.
  4. Does ALA have any other tips for conference?
    Yes, please click on the following link for general Safety Tips to follow while at conference and for general travel. Safety Tips
  5. Why is this year's hashtag #alaac14 instead of #ala14 or #ala2014?
    ALA creates the Annual Conference website in December and begins marketing the Conference in earnest in January when registration opens. The past few years, we've found that there's a lot of noise in the six months leading up to Annual if we use #ala14 or #ala2014, which makes it difficult for people to find the information their most interested in for our event. One year it was an Alabama TV station that posted dozens of tweets a day on the hashtag we'd chosen. Last year it was an anime convention and then a Legal Admins convention.

    The truth is that these hashtags are just too generic, so we're now going to match the Midwinter tag going forward - #alamwYR and #alaacYR. Using the official tag is what gets your tweets displayed in the Convention Center and on the Annual Conference website, so please join us on #alaac14 for our usual rollicking good time.

  6. I need a letter of attendance for my records.  Please access the standard letter of attendance here.