Information for Poster Session Presenters

Location and Conference Registration:

Poster sessions are held in the ALA Exhibit Hall.

If you are registered for the ALA Conference, your badge will admit you to the Exhibit Hall. If you are not planning on attending the conference itself, an exhibits pass can be purchased from the ALA Onsite registration booth. A very limited number of exhibits passes may be available to poster session presenters who are not otherwise attending the conference.


Each poster session will last one and one-half (1 ½) hours. During this time, the presenter must remain at the display to answer questions and discuss informally the contents of the display. The mounting of the display must be accomplished during the 15 minutes preceding your scheduled presentation and taken down during the 15 minutes following your assigned time.

We are sorry, but we cannot accommodate scheduling requests. You will be assigned to one of six poster session time slots. Your poster session presentation time cannot be changed. At least one of the authors must be present at the assigned time.

Creating and Mounting your Poster:

  • Visuals enhance the effectiveness of your presentation. Think in terms of graphic impact. However, simplicity and legibility are more important than artistic accomplishments. Charts, drawings photographs, and other illustrations are encouraged. See examples of poster sessions.
  • A heading should be prepared for your presentation using lettering at least two inches high for the title of the presentation. The name(s) of the presenter(s), and their institutional/organizational affiliation(s) should also be included on the heading, but can be printed in a smaller font.
  • ALL lettering should be easily legible at a distance of (4) feet.
  • Do NOT simply print out 8-1/2 x 11 sheets from a Powerpoint presentation.
  • We request poster board surfaces to be four (4) feet high by eight (8) feet wide, however, this can vary by 6 inches depending on the conference site, so prepared for flexibility.
    • Some boards may have an edging up to one inch.
  • A table will be provided for you to place handouts or other supplementary materials on.
  • You must bring pins or thumbtacks for mounting your display.


  • While handout materials are encouraged, you may wish to instead provide a sign-up sheet to record the names and addresses of attendees who might want more information, reprints, etc. No duplicating facilities will be available.
  • If you wish to bring electronic equipment to accompany your poster session, you must also bring a power source. No electrical outlets will be available for your use.

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