Best Practices in Training (LearnRT)

Monday, June 30, 2014 -
10:30am to 11:30am

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Speaker: Crystal Schimpf, Director of Training & Programs, Community Technology Network
Speaker: Jerilyn Veldof, Organization Development Associate, University of Minnesota Libraries
Speaker: Maurice Coleman

Come to the Best Practices in Training featuring speakers from libraries nationwide discussing how they created, managed or evaluated staff and public training programs. The speakers will discuss what worked and what did not work for their training programs. This workshop's speakers will be selected through an application process to get the best of best practices. All presentations will be used to spark a substantive group discussion around the topic.

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My part of this session will be called Designing Training Starts with WHY. I will share the importance of taking a deep look at the WHY behind a training - what is the ultimate goal or purpose, and how do you design a training to meet that goal. It should be a fun & quick "deep dive" into this aspect of training design. Hope to see you there!

During Jerilyn Veldoff's part, she will share how the University of Minnesota has developed an innovative Leadership Development Program:

Another 3 day leadership development session?  Meh.  What about trying something radically different?  We’re in the third year of offering a leadership program that has changed the game for many of our library staff.  Find out about the program and the difference it’s making to staff at all levels of the organization.

 Here are the slides for my part of the presentation today!