Managing Local and Community-produced Born-digital Audiovisual Content

Friday, June 27, 2014 -
9:00am to 4:00pm

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Neopolitan II
Speaker: Howard Besser, Director, Moving Image Archiving & Preservation, New York University
Speaker: Natalie Milbrodt, Director, Queens Memory Project
Speaker: Siobhan Hagan, Audiovisual Archivist, University of Baltimore Langsdale Library
Speaker: Stefan Elnabli, Moving Image and Sound Preservation Specialist, Northwestern University Library
Speaker: Steven Villereal, Audiovisual Conservator, University of Virginia Library
Speaker: Yvonne Ng, Archivist, WITNESS

Libraries increasingly need to manage local and community-produced media content in born-digital form. This ranges from oral histories, local television and radio programming, to student thesis projects, sporting events, and university public relations videos. It also may include community-related material that is not handed directly to a library, but is instead posted to media sharing sites such as YouTube. Often the amount of content is daunting, and the sense of urgency for preservation overwhelming.

Multiple speakers will provide examples of strategies for the ingest and management of important born-digital content, illustrating reasonably achievable processes for institutions with varying collections and resources. Topics will include offering advice to content contributors (on
preferred file formats, wrappers, and metadata), to file structures and metadata for maintaining a collection, to a variety of methods for providing access, to concerns about ensuring the longevity and integrity of these works.

A key audience will be archives and special collections
librarians. It is expected that the workshop content will also speak to public librarians and school librarians who get local contributions (local history, videos of football games, etc.), and to managers of mass produced
collections (like many in the Video Round Table) who are occasionally called upon to manage locally produced content (like university PR spots).

Potential learning outcomes:

● Participants will be equipped with multiple strategies for management and preservation of born digital collections
● Participants will be able to identify preferred file formats for ingest which will provide standards for their respective collection
● Participants will have more understanding regarding issues of longevity, integrity and access of born-digital material which will inform the development of their own institutional strategies
● Participants will be presented with examples of publicly accessible born-digital collections that can serve as models to apply to their own collections.
● Participants will be presented with examples of how acquired born-digital materials can be incorporated into educational programs relevant to the participants’ institution.
Co-Sponsored by NYU's Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program (MIAP)

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