FRBR Interest Group

Friday, June 27, 2014 -
10:30am to 12:00pm

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The FRBR Interest Group program will consist of two presentations about how FRBR can be used in finding film/video items and the use of FRBR in preservation management.

First, Kelley McGrath’s presentation will describe common problems that users encounter when searching for film and video in libraries. She will discuss how the FRBR model provides a framework to make finding moving images materials easier and more effective for users while also providing back-end efficiencies in data creation and management. She will look at some ways in which the orthodox FRBR model and RDA's interpretation of it don't work well for film and video. Finally, she will show what a FRBR-inspired end-user discovery interface for moving images might look like and will elucidate steps to move towards this vision.

Second, Jacob Nadal’s presentation will propose a way of using FRBR to coordinate preservation goals among libraries and to clarify the goals and expected outcomes of preservation and conservation efforts. Special attention will be paid to two areas where frameworks for this kind of coordination are needed: managing regional print archives, and the role of digitization in preservation management.

Kelley McGrath is Metadata Management Librarian at the University of Oregon. She is an experienced media cataloger and an active member of Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC). She served as chair of OLAC's Cataloging Policy Committee for several years and is currently OLAC's liaison to CC:DA. She is interested in the potential of the FRBR model, structured data and faceted interfaces for improving access to moving images.

Jacob Nadal is the Executive Director of ReCAP, The Research Collections and Preservation Consortium, which provides long term collections care and access services for the libraries and archives of Columbia, Princeton, and the New York Public Library. Jake has led preservation efforts at Indiana University, NYPL, and UCLA, and prior to joining ReCAP, served as Director of Library and Archives for the Brooklyn Historical Society. Within ALA, he has served as Chair of PARS and co-chaired the working group that wrote ALA’s Definitions of Digital Preservation.

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