Copy Cataloging Interest Group

Saturday, June 28, 2014 -
8:30am to 10:00am

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Presenters for the ALCTS Copy Cataloging Interest Group Meeting
ALA Annual 2014

Presenter: Angela Kinney
Library of Congress Report

Presenter: April Grey
Differentiating Ebook Packages through Unique Identifiers
As more of our library content became available through various vendor packages; identifying unique batch record loads became necessary. We created a workflow to include a unique identifier (599 field) for each ebook package using MARC Edit and Innovative’s Sierra. Each unique identifier included the vendor, the file name, and the load date.
We now can differentiate between subscription and purchase records in the catalog and distinguish bibliographic records with the same title from different vendors. It also provides a new means to track holdings and statistics. Collection development and acquisitions departments also benefit from the new feature in the MARC record. Going forward, we will continue to implement this workflow for added visibility, clarity, and quality control in our catalog.

Presenter: Roman Panchyshyn
Kent State University Libraries (KSUL) is currently planning a RDA enrichment project with their authority control vendor (Backstage Library Works). The project entails machine manipulation of all MARC legacy data (bibliographic records) in the library catalog by adding RDA elements to all non-RDA records to create “hybrid” RDA records. This presentation will examine the planning process, focusing on the issues that the library, together with the vendor, need to address before an RDA enrichment project can be successfully undertaken. Since preparation and execution of this type of project requires a certain level of commitment and investment in time and resources by the library, the presentation will discuss the benefits of RDA enrichment projects for libraries and their users. Implications for consortia partners and for system vendors will also be covered. KSUL feels there is substantial value to be gained from a RDA enrichment project and wishes to share its views.

Presenter: Nathan Putnam
Copy catalogers at the University of Maryland, College Park have are using their copy cataloging skills in areas outside of MARC and AACR2/RDA. One area is copy cataloging of digitized postcards, where catalogers review the metadata created during the digitization process, correct errors as needed, and add subject terms outside of LCSH. Instead of working in the our Aleph ILS, catalogers are reviewing and updating in our Digital Repository (Fedora), using a locally created University of Maryland Description Metadata profile. The other area in which the copy catalogers are working is the WorldCat Knowledge base. Here, catalogers receive email alerts for newly purchased ebooks, and then check for accuracy and working links in the WCKB, thus leveraging WorldCat bibliographic data. My presentation for the Copy Cataloger’s Interest Group would be to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented to copy catalogers by working in these systems outside of MARC and AACR2/RDA.

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