Leading with Ebooks: New Strategies for Librarians and Publishers

Sunday, June 29, 2014 -
3:30pm to 5:00pm

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Sponsored by Total Boox, a new ebook service based on the premise that libraries need not settle for less than instant, simultaneous access or pay for the content not read by their patrons, this panel seeks to challenge existing patterns in ebook buying and engage the leaders among us to identify the trends moving the industry into promising new territories. One of those trends is the strong interest in the reading activities of public library patrons.

If patron’s reading—an act of not merely downloading an ebook or “checking it out” but of actually experiencing it (reading it page by page)—along with librarians’ and publishers’ ability to gain insight into their readers’ activities, becomes the single most important factor driving the way ebooks are accessed in libraries, what, then, do authors, publishers, and libraries stand to gain? What becomes of the library in which a title's value (and cost) is based primarily on the reader’s experience with it?

The panel is moderated by Mirela Roncevic, an ebook expert, editor of ALA’s journal eContent Quarterly, and independent consultant to vendors, and features guest panelists from publishing houses as well as libraries with a proven record of testing new services and possibilities with ebooks.

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