Poster Sessions FAQ

  1. Can I present more than one poster session at the ALA Annual Conference?

    Yes. We try to group like poster sessions together so that all the poster sessions dealing with similar topics are at the same time. If your poster sessions deal with the same subject, we'll try to place them side by side so you can be at both poster session presentations at the same time. If they don't deal with the same subject, they will be scheduled at separate times.

  2. There seem to be several opportunities to present poster sessions at the ALA Annual Conference.  Which one should I submit my proposal to?

    Yes, divisions, round tables, and other ALA units conduct their own poster sessions.  Their procedures, policies, and review processes are totally separate from the ALA Annual Conference Poster Sessions. Please do not submit a proposal to multiple ALA poster session opportunities unless you would be able to present your session at all the presentation times. Also, you need to check with the other unit's policies regarding simultaneous submissions.

  3. Will ALA pay my travel expenses and/or registration fee to attend the Annual Conference?

    No, ALA cannot reimburse you for any of your travel or conference expenses.

  4. What if I have a conflict between my poster session presentation time and a meeting?

    At least one of the authors of the poster session must attend the poster session presentation. The reason is to give feedback to conference attendees who stop by your poster session to ask questions, etc. Poster sessions cannot be presented unless at least one author is present.

  5. What happens if I have to cancel my poster session because I can't attend the conference?

    If your session is accepted, we expect your session to be presented. Many people would have welcomed the chance to present their sessions. Please plan on a backup person who will be able to present your session if an emergency arises and you cannot attend ALA. Unfortunately, your name and poster session abstract will still appear in the ALA Program which all registrants receive and in the ALA Poster Session Booklet which all poster session attendees receive.

  6. Can I have an Internet connection or other electrical support?

    If your poster session includes electrical equipment, you will need to provide your own source of power (e.g., batteries). No electrical support or Internet connections are available in the poster session area. Audio-visual presentations that include sound are not encouraged. These can be very distracting to the presenters located nearby. If you are able to supply headphones for viewers/listeners, sound is acceptable.

  7. What about simultaneous submissions? Can I submit a poster session proposal about a project for which I've also submitted a manuscript for publication in a journal ?

    Yes, poster submissions for articles that have been simultaneously submitted for publication are welcomed, as long as you note the simultaneous submission in your abstract. We even accept submissions that have been presented in poster form at another conference. The only simultaneous submission we don't accept is one where you couldn't or wouldn't present if your other submission was accepted. That is, if you propose a submission, we expect you to present it.

    Note that the above policy may be different for the journal or conference to which you'd like to simultaneously submit - be sure to contact the editor or conference chair.

    IMPORTANT: Please be sure to note at the end of your abstract if the project has been submitted to other conferences, for publication in a journal, or has been published
    or presented before.

  8. How can I submit a paper proposal to the ALA Conference?

    Unlike some conferences, ALA does not have a general call for research papers. A good portion of ALA's programs are developed by divisions, committees, round tables, and interest groups.  These may have individual calls for papers.  Please visit to explore the organization and its divisional web pages. The poster session committee does not accept paper presentations.

  9. When and where will the next ALA Annual Conference be held?

    Please see ALA’s upcoming conference schedule.

  10. Are there poster sessions at the ALA Midwinter Meeting?

    While individual ALA committees, round tables, or interest groups may be holding poster sessions at the Midwinter Meeting, the official ALA Poster Sessions occurs only once a year, at the ALA Annual Conference.

  11. What is the difference between the ALA Exhibit area and the Poster Session Area?

    The poster session area within the exhibit hall features 120 individual presentations of innovative library programs, projects, and research. Participants submit proposals which are double-blind peer-reviewed, and are accepted based on relevance, quality, and suitability for poster presentation. The poster session area is expressly not for vendors to display or promote new products, or for organizational displays. Vendors and other organizations are directed to the Exhibitors page where they can find information about participating in the main exhibits area.

  12. I would like to be more involved with the ALA Poster Sessions!  How can I help?

    We are currently seeking additional poster session peer-reviewers! If you would like to be considered for this volunteer opportunity, please email Candace Benefiel, Chair, ALA Poster Session Review Panel, with a statement of interest, expertise, and experience. Please highlight your experience presenting and/or evaluating poster sessions or other professional communications.  We do try to balance the review panel's expertise and background, so some otherwise qualified volunteers may not be selected. We currently have a special need for reviewers from non-academic libraries.

    Another opportunity, one that is specifically good for newcomers, is to serve as Floor Manager" for one or more of the six poster sessions.  Floor Managers' overall job is to make sure the ALA Poster Session area is a pleasant and welcoming place while poster session presenters begin to arrive and set up their sessions. Managers will be provided with a kit of extra supplies and any last-minute notifications about schedule changes or cancellations. Responsibilities include directing people to their poster board, helping with setup if asked, and providing extra tape/pins. Managers also make sure that the Poster Session Abstract Booklets are in an obvious place at each Session.

    Floor Managers will arrive twenty minutes or so before the start of a poster session and stick around until about 15 minutes after the session starts. As soon as the session looks like it is off and running, they are free to go. If you would like to volunteer for this
    opportunity, please email melanie Griffin at, Chair, ALA Poster Session Committee.

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