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Format: 06/23/2018 - 5pm
Format: 06/23/2018 - 5pm
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Friday, June 27 - 8:30am

8:30am - 11:30am
Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries Interest Group Forum/Update/Assembly Flamingo
Virginia City I & II
Description :

Meeting of Big Heads

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8:30am - 12:00pm
Stepping Into the Director Role: Preparing for the Part [$] Preconference/Institute Las Vegas Convention Center
Description :

As Director positions open up, is the next generation of leaders ready to assume those positions and transform the libraries in their community? What new skills are needed to drive libraries forward? If you’re interested in administration, this session will provide you with an introduction to what the job entails and introduce you to the skills you’ll need to prepare yourself. Hear from four new public library Directors about the basics, the challenges and the unexpected in their first few years on the job. Learn how they used career opportunities, ALA experience, and other guideposts to enter administration successfully.

Cost :
Early Bird: ALA Member($215), Division Member($165), Retired Member($165), Student Member($165), Non-Member($265). Advance and On-site: ALA Member ($225); Division Member ($175); Retired Member ($175); Student Member ($175); Non-Member ($275)
8:30am - 1:00pm
BCALA Executive Board Meeting Affiliate Event Paris
Description :

BCALA Executive Board Meeting

Sponsors :
Black Caucus of the American Library Association (Affiliate)

Friday, June 27 - 11:30am

11:30am - 4:00pm
LLAMA/BES Preconference: Serving the Homeless in the Academic and Public Library [$] Preconference/Institute Caesars Palace
Milano IV
Description :

The United States has over 600,000 homeless people. Their needs range from a daily place to sleep to mental and medical care. While they sometimes can find a place to sleep, they are in a constant search for a place during the day. The library, with its mission of service, opening hours and welcoming nature is a logical place for the homeless to congregate. This program addresses the issues, challenges and presents best practices for serving the homeless in the library.

Cost :
ALA member $195, LLAMA member $145, Student or retired $50, Non-member $245

Friday, June 27 - 2:00pm

2:00pm - 4:00pm
Taiga Forum Meeting Exhibitor session Las Vegas Convention Center
Description :

Join Taiga Forum at ALA for an inside look at how executive search firms function within the academic library milieu. Beverly Brady, a Senior Associate at Isaacson Miller , will discuss how potential candidates are identified, vetted and matched with leadership opportunities.

Learn what search firms look for in candidates, how they reach out to prospective candidates, and how you can best nominate yourself or others. This is a great opportunity to assist you in presenting your best self as you consider future growth. This event will be especially useful to academic library AULs & ADs, and those who aspire to such positions.

This conversation will be held in room N116 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Friday, June 27th, 2-4pm. As always, the Taiga Forum Social will follow this conversation. The social location is: Zen Lounge, TVH 4:15+pm

For more information, contact Amy Kautzman at

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Unofficial Event

Saturday, June 28 - 8:30am

8:30am - 10:00am
Ask the Experts: Discover key strategies for successful academic library fundraising Program Caesars Palace
Pompeian I
Description :

Funding models in higher education continue to shift and private and corporate gifts are more important than ever to academic libraries. Take the opportunity to ask a panel of experts that are well established in academic library and higher education fundraising about some of their more successful major gift asks and unique strategies they have employed in philanthropic endeavors.

8:30am - 10:00am
Boba Fett at the Circ Desk: Library Leadership Lessons from The Empire Strikes Back Program Las Vegas Convention Center
Description :

Two public library directors (and Star Wars geeks) share wisdom gained from their first years on the job. Framed by their favorite movie and their efforts to implement organizational change, their perspectives will resonate across the public library galaxy. Both emerging and experienced leaders will find inspiration from lessons like: How minor characters (like Boba Fett or a jaded employee) have major impact; How to promote staff positivity (the Force) and combat negativity (the Dark Side); How a clear mission is essential to instituting change (and combating the Galactic Empire of the status quo).

8:30am - 10:00am
Copy Cataloging Interest Group Discussion/Interest group Las Vegas Convention Center
Description :

Presenters for the ALCTS Copy Cataloging Interest Group Meeting
ALA Annual 2014

Presenter: Angela Kinney
Library of Congress Report

Presenter: April Grey
Differentiating Ebook Packages through Unique Identifiers
As more of our library content became available through various vendor packages; identifying unique batch record loads became necessary. We created a workflow to include a unique identifier (599 field) for each ebook package using MARC Edit and Innovative’s Sierra. Each unique identifier included the vendor, the file name, and the load date.
We now can differentiate between subscription and purchase records in the catalog and distinguish bibliographic records with the same title from different vendors. It also provides a new means to track holdings and statistics. Collection development and acquisitions departments also benefit from the new feature in the MARC record. Going forward, we will continue to implement this workflow for added visibility, clarity, and quality control in our catalog.

Presenter: Roman Panchyshyn
Kent State University Libraries (KSUL) is currently planning a RDA enrichment project with their authority control vendor (Backstage Library Works). The project entails machine manipulation of all MARC legacy data (bibliographic records) in the library catalog by adding RDA elements to all non-RDA records to create “hybrid” RDA records. This presentation will examine the planning process, focusing on the issues that the library, together with the vendor, need to address before an RDA enrichment project can be successfully undertaken. Since preparation and execution of this type of project requires a certain level of commitment and investment in time and resources by the library, the presentation will discuss the benefits of RDA enrichment projects for libraries and their users. Implications for consortia partners and for system vendors will also be covered. KSUL feels there is substantial value to be gained from a RDA enrichment project and wishes to share its views.

Presenter: Nathan Putnam
Copy catalogers at the University of Maryland, College Park have are using their copy cataloging skills in areas outside of MARC and AACR2/RDA. One area is copy cataloging of digitized postcards, where catalogers review the metadata created during the digitization process, correct errors as needed, and add subject terms outside of LCSH. Instead of working in the our Aleph ILS, catalogers are reviewing and updating in our Digital Repository (Fedora), using a locally created University of Maryland Description Metadata profile. The other area in which the copy catalogers are working is the WorldCat Knowledge base. Here, catalogers receive email alerts for newly purchased ebooks, and then check for accuracy and working links in the WCKB, thus leveraging WorldCat bibliographic data. My presentation for the Copy Cataloger’s Interest Group would be to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented to copy catalogers by working in these systems outside of MARC and AACR2/RDA.

8:30am - 10:00am
Data, Evidence and Outcomes - What does it all mean? Exhibitor session Las Vegas Convention Center
Description :

Given the current level of interest in "outcomes", author and consultant Joe Matthews will provide session attendees with an overview of the difference between the different types of reporting; how they translate to everyday operations and advocacy; and what is required to effectively execute.

Sponsors :
Unofficial Event
8:30am - 10:00am
Data-Driven Decision-Making: LRRT Research Forum Program Las Vegas Convention Center
Description :

Libraries collect data on usage of collections, services, and physical space. However, much of these data are not utilized to capacity. This session will feature three research papers, selected by a review committee, that demonstrate how to leverage user-centered data to develop services.

8:30am - 10:00am
Interlibrary Loan Committee Meeting (RUSA STARS) Committee meeting Las Vegas Hotel
Ballroom G
Description :

Committee charge: Evaluate current trends in domestic and international interlibrary loan and recommend solutions to related problems; to foster cooperative resource sharing ventures; to encourage and support research on interlibrary loan; to work with other entities that share an interest in interlibrary loan. (Part of RUSA STARS All Committee Meeting.)

8:30am - 10:00am
Library and Information Science Education Interest Group (ACRL) Discussion/Interest group Bally’s
Palace 3
Description :

Library and Information Science educators and academic librarians are invited to engage in a lively and pragmatic discussion of strategies to promote the effective alignment of LIS education with the evolving needs of the academic library workplace.

8:30am - 10:00am
LLAMA All sections/all committees Committee meeting Las Vegas Hotel
Ballroom A
Description :

All LLAMA section committees: BES, FRFDS, HRS, LOMS, MAES, NPS, PRMS, and SASS

8:30am - 10:00am
Middle managers discussion group Discussion/Interest group Las Vegas Convention Center
Description :

Middle managers discussion group

8:30am - 10:00am
Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries Interest Group Forum/Update/Assembly Caesars Palace
Octavius 20
Description :

Join the ALCTS Technical Services Managers in Academic Libraries Interest Group and the ACRL Technical Services Interest Group in Vegas for an extended lightening talk followed by roundtable discussion. Our keynote speaker Diane Hillman. She will share her thoughts on current issues facing technical services librarians in academic libraries. Roundtable discussion topics include: promotion and tenure; research and publication; tips for supervising librarians who are seeking P&T and/or who are doing research; collaborative research and publication; the continuing issue of silos; service opportunities for new TS librarians; and general issues facing new technical services librarians.

Sponsors :
8:30am - 11:30am
Chief Collection Development Officers of Large Research Libraries Interest Group Discussion/Interest group Flamingo
Virginia City I & II
Description :

9:00 Welcome and introductions; review of minutes

9:15 Liblicense Model License revision
Ivy Anderson, Collections Director, California Digital Library, and Julia Blixrud, Assistant Executive Director for Scholarly Communication, Association of Research Libraries
9:40 Occam’s Reader: What is it, and implications for Collection Development
Occam’s Reader Project Team

10:20 Break

10:30 Humanities Data Mining: Transforming Local Copies of Vendor-Digitized Cultural Material
Peter Leonard, Librarian for Digital Humanities Research, Yale University Library

11:10 Library of Congress Recommended Format Specifications

Donna Scanlon, Electronic Resources Coordinator, and Joe Puccio, Collection Development Officer, Library of Congress

11:30 Adjourn

8:30am - 11:30am
Preservation Administrators Interest Group Discussion/Interest group Paris
Champagne 1
Description :

Update from NYU, Buffalo State College, and the U. of Delaware on Library and Archives Conservation Education: Graduates and Curriculum Revisions
Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa, U. of Delaware
Library of Congress Preservation Update
Adrija Henley, Library of Congress
Collaborative Preservation, the UC/PLCH model
Holly Prochaska
Beginning in January of 2012, the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (PLCH) and U. of Cincinnati Libraries (UCL) began a long-term collaboration to provide conservation and preservation treatments in an equally-managed, staffed, and equipped preservation lab situated on the U. of Cincinnati’s main campus.
Research on Mechanical System Shutdowns in Library Storage Areas
Jeremy Linden
Discuss methodologies and final results of a four-year experiment into the use of mechanical system shutdowns as a method to achieve significant reductions in energy use in library environments without compromising the preservation quality of collections environments. Research has shown that environmental conditions (temperature and relative humidity) are the most significant factors that impact the lifespan of cultural materials held by institutions. Mechanical systems in library environments are designed to run continuously in order to maintain the desired environmental conditions, resulting in high cost monetarily and in energy consumption. Altering these conditions through changes in HVAC operating schedules is a risk many institutions have been hesitant to take.

This four-year experiment was federally funded by the IMLS, and conducted by the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) at the Rochester Institute of Technology and their partner Peter Herzog, principal of Herzog/Wheeler & Associates. The experimental partners for the research were the Birmingham (AL) Public Library, Cornell, the New York Public Library, the UCLA, and Yale.

Kimberly Tarr,New York U., will highlight a new publication, Digitizing Video for Long-term Preservation: An RFP Guide and Template, which was developed as part of the Mellon-funded Video At Risk project
Audience members may line up to give other announcements.
Preservation Statistics updates
Annie Peterson, Tulane
PARS and ALCTS updates
Becky Ryder, PARS Chair
Preservation Debates
Topic 1: The next generation of preservation librarians does not need training in caring for analog objects.
Affirmative: Howard Besser, New York U. and Dawn Aveline, UCLA
Negative: Emily Shaw, U. of Iowa and Jacob Nadal, ReCAP
Topic 2: As libraries emphasize digital collections, the traditional role of the preservation administrator becomes obsolete.
Affirmative: Jeanne Drewes, Library of Congress and Katie Risseeuw, Northwestern U.
Negative: Julie Mosbo, Texas A&M and Tom Clareson, LYRASIS

Saturday, June 28 - 10:30am

10:30am - 11:30am
CANCELLED The Strategic Plan is Dead; Long Live Strategy Program Las Vegas Convention Center
Description :

In today’s fast-changing world, why freeze your strategic thinking in a five-year plan? The opportunity we have today is to free strategy from the binder and take it back to its roots as the dynamic art of making tough choices with imperfect information. In this interactive working session we will discuss why it is essential today to create “adaptive strategy,” then move into hands-on practice with the widely-used Choice Cascade, a tool you can take home to structure your leadership team’s ongoing strategic dialogue.

10:30am - 11:30am
Is the Public Library the New Education Institution of the Future? Program Las Vegas Convention Center
Description :

How does formal education fit into the future of public libraries? What role will public libraries play in an ever growing digital learning landscape? In 2013, The Aspen Institute facilitated discussions on the future of public libraries and the future of learning via the Internet. This session will showcase the reports—one recently published and another forthcoming—from both groups and delve deeper into the connections, and significance of the results.

10:30am - 11:30am
Leading from the Side: On, Off and Within Your Campus Program Las Vegas Convention Center
Description :

In collaboration, DLS and ULS bring together academic librarians to speak about their roles as leaders within their institutions, not through administrative authority but through innovation and creativity, with special emphasis on the changing landscapes of digital research and distance learning. Panelists will discuss their experiences including: communicating effectively to foster innovation; developing a self-awareness of leadership potential while recognizing that potential in others; and building coalitions horizontally and vertically within an organization.