exhibitorTahrike Tarsile Qur'an Inc.

Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an started publishing Qur'ans nearly 30 years ago in New York. Our hard work over these last three decades have put us at the forefront of Islamic publishing. Proceeds from sales of the Qur'an are used to print more copies. We have Published 47 Editions of the Qur’an, almost 100 Islamic Educational books, and 15 children’s books. We have 72 translations of the Holy Quran available.

exhibitorDVA Inc.

exhibitorBirchard Company/EZDROP

EZDrop, the innovative library book drop (book return) with the features your staff has been waiting for; STAINLESS STEEL-NOT ALUMINUM! No-Key, 5 button lock! Light weight and quiet molded carts! EZDrop is repairable! EZMT, the only real HARDWOOD indoor book drop! Since 2002 Birchard Co. has hosted tours to visit libraries in CHINA, contact us about the 2014 group!


Today’s libraries are evolving and Demco is evolving with you! We not only offer the supplies you depend on, but also essential resources to transform your library. With our innovative reading programs, event management software, interior design services and more you connect with your community in new ways. Get the support you need at View free newsletter articles, attend webinars and shop our comprehensive product offering.

exhibitorNOAA Scijinks

NOAA and NASA have joined forces to create the ultimate weather website. Brought to you by NASA’s award-winning Space Place team, SciJinks makes weather and science fun with articles, games, and interactive multimedia targeted at middle-schoolers. Find answers to mysteries like our changing seasons, lightning, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Complete with videos, printable posters, and tons of other help for educators, this site is as useful as it is engaging.

exhibitorRogue Bear Press

Purveyors of frighteningly funny chapter/mid-grade books including Amazon #1 bestselling Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency.
Producers of engaging InterACTIVE enrichment programs for schools and libraries:
The MONSTER HUNT Library Skills-building Adventure - children develop research skills as they track down a lurking monster;
DESTINATION INSPIRATION InterACTIVE StoryCrafting Adventure - children learn the elements of Story Crafting by producing a madcap adventure right on the spot!


OpenEdition serves the humanities and social sciences research communities through 4 publication platforms: OpenEdition Books, OpenEdition Journals (, Calenda (academic events) and Hypotheses (research blogs), all validated by our scientific committee. OpenEdition is a non-profit public initiative promoting Open Access publishing. It has developed a Freemium programme addressing libraries’ specific needs, with the access to over 1200 books and 120 journals and many dedicated services.

exhibitorLearning Props L.L.C.

Educational games with books, dice & movers enhance early literacy. These fun, durable “Props” support school-readiness skills and invite Family Engagement. Colorful, zip-up fabric bags are easy to store & un-zip for play-filled learning. Available in Eng. or Spanish/Eng. (bilingual). Photo-based, concept books also available separately: 11 English titles, 10 bilingual titles in: Spanish/Eng., Chinese/Eng., Arabic/Eng. and labels for Hmong. Potential for additional languages. is the leader in online tutoring, having delivered over 10 million sessions since 2001 in math, science, social studies, English, test preparation and career services. Our 3,100+ tutors are subject-matter experts and skilled instructors. That's why our tutoring sessions are the highest-rated in the industry, with over 97% of students saying they would recommend the service to a friend.

exhibitorYBP Library Services

YBP Library Services, a Baker & Taylor company, provides print and digital content, supporting collection management and technical services to academic, research and special libraries around the world. GOBI3, YBP's acquisition and collection development interface, provides access to more than 10 million titles.


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